Warning: Fun can lead to stains… How to remove typical Summer stains

It is definitely hot out there, but don’t sweat it! That is, when it comes to stains.

Here is an article dedicated to explaining how to remove the evidence of a good time from your clothes, because for memories and such that’s what we have Facebook for.

BBQ, Ketchup or similar sauces.

You were happily enjoying your burger (hot dog or ribs) when oops! Sauce falls on your fave white pants or newly bought neon top for the summer. What to do? First, remove excess sauce with a spoon or knife. Place the garment under cold water. If it is white you can apply bleach or lemon juice to help remove stain, if the stain is oily as those left by BBQ sauce, apply laundry detergent on the spot and rub in circular motion for five minutes. If the spot remains, soak the garment in warm water with detergent for 30 minutes. After that, you can wash normally to ensure it will come out entirely. Don’t use hot water.

Ice Cream

A summer classic, yet the trickiest indulgence… So delicious and so fast to melt to make a little mess in your fabulous outfit. First thing, make sure you treat the stain ASAP, otherwise the protein will dry and it will be almost impossible to remove. Place the garment in cold water for five to ten minutes. Again, don’t use hot water because it can cook and set the protein stain in the fabric. To remove what is left of stain, apply detergent in the stain and rub for about five minutes, then let soak in cold water for half and hour. To ensure the item will be completely clean use a stain remover stick or spray before washing it with the regular laundry.


They are as tasty as they are colorful, and that intense red, purple or blue will set fast in your cloths, so always act fast! If you do not have detergent handy, apply salt to the stain so that it absorbs as much as possible. Otherwise, place garment under cold running water and rub detergent on it, and rinse. Leave it to dry for five to ten minutes, place the item under hot water on the reverse side of the stain. If it is still visible, apply a stain-remover gel or spray and wash again with liquid detergent. If the piece of clothing is white, you can try lemon or white vinegar to help remove the stain.


It is necessary and vital to protect your skin from harmful sun damage. Unfortunately, most contain the chemical Avobenzone that can cause stains in your cloths. Therefore, as a prevention method, let the sunscreen dry completely before putting on your cloths. Oops! It still somehow got on a garment? Pour baking soda on the stain immediately and let it rest for about half an hour. Next, rub liquid detergent on the stain and let the garment soak in hot water for a while. Apple a stain remover gel or spray and launder normally. Make sure stain is completely gone before drying; otherwise, it will set on the fabric.


The quick and easy solution to a sun-kissed skin can leave a big imprint in your clothing, but don’t panic it has a solution! Treat stain immediately with a stain remover treatment, if you do not have any then liquid soap detergent will do, and then soak in hot water. Try dabbing the area with a cotton ball with some hydrogen peroxide to see if the fabric allows it. If not jut continue with normal laundry process until stain is removed. Do not place garment on dryer unless the stain is gone, otherwise it will set on the fabric.

P.S. Always check if the garment requires being dry-cleaned or having any other
special instructions before you proceed!


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Happy summer!


  1. flor troconis07.12.12

    This is very useful, I will have to print this and plastic the paper so when I am traveling I will know everything to clean before I destroy the garment.
    Thank you again Vinna

  2. Laura07.17.12

    This is such a great compilation of common stains, funny enough you never hear about how to treat them! Specially sunblock!!! We only hear about chocolate and wine… Thanks for the tips! I find that using sparkling water instead of flat water is also helpful…