NOTE: Before you start make sure to assign scissors to fabric, paper, and plants. Keep them separate because if you use them interchangeably they get dull and don’t do any of the jobs well, leaving you with more work.

  • All-Purpose Scissors

  • Embroidery Scissors

Used for sewing, needlework, and cutting out details.

  • Shear Scissors

Used for either paper or fabric. Great because they prevent fabric from fraying.

  • Pruners

Used for stems and branches.

  • Craft Knife

Used for heavier forms of paper, cardboard, foam, making sharp and clean cuts. Doesn’t work well on thin or delicate materials.


  • Chain-Nosed Pliers

Used with wire to form angles, tight bends and for picking up small items.

  • Round-Nosed Pliers

Used with wire to make coils and soft bends.

  • Wire Cutters


  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Loveeeee this thing! Sticks any crafts together and dries in a minute! Be careful, burns from this are no fun…

  • Spray Adhesive

Not only does it dry in a minute, this glue is great for thin materials and large sufaces. Leaving you extra time and wrinkle-free!

  • Tacky Glue

Great for glue heavier items, such as buttons to pebbles.

  • Fabric Glue

Used for fabric because it remains flexible and washable! Not good, however, for items that have to be
dry cleaned .