The Basics of Soup

Nothing says cozy like a bowl of soup. There are a huge variety of soups made with fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. They can be served hot or cold, so really, there is no excuse to not enjoy a beautiful bowl anytime of year. Soups can range from being both easy and affordable to complex depending on what you want to make. There are so many types that if you wanted to, you could literally make a different one everyday. The variety is only limited to your own imagination and the ingredients you have at hand!

By dividing the various types of soups into categories, I can give you the cheat sheet of the world of soups.

Clear Soups

Clean, light, transparent, clear soups are generally made of either stock or broth without any type of thickeners or creams.


Meaning to boil down or complete in French. It is a clear soup made from a reduced stock ( a stock that has been cooked at a low heat and is “reduced” so that you get a more condensed flavor).

Cream Soups

Despite it’s name not all cream soups are made with cream. The name refers more to the smooth and creamy texture of the soup.


Rich , creamy soup made generally with shellfish and cream. The base of the stock is made with the actual shells of the seafood, which are simmered (cooked for a while at low heat), providing the rich flavor ,then thickened, and lastly added the meat of the seafood near the end of cooking.


Rich, creamy soup made generally with seafood and/or vegetables. The base of the soup is made out of fish or seafood stock with tomato and/or cream.


The name comes from Quingombo a word from the African Congo meaning Okra (an edible plant pod that is eaten as a vegetable). This thick and hearty soup is a typical specialty from the Louisiana, USA. Gumbo is thickened by using Okra or filé powder (ground sassafras root).

Cold Soup

This is a variation of the traditional soup. They can served as a savory or as a sweet dish . Savory cold or chilled soup, usually are vegetable based, such in the case as Gazpacho or Chilled Avocado Soup. Sweet cold soup, an amazing summer treat, are made from fruits.