Taking the Spa Home…7 steps to feel and look amazing

Who does not love a spa day?

Aaaah.. the feeling of being pampered while you enjoy indulge your body and mind… Unfortunately, spa treatments can run a bit pricey, or sometimes we just might not feel like leaving our homes.

Grab a friend, significant other or just enjoy some well deserved “ME” time with these 7 tips for at-home-spa-day!

7. Check for

A sauna, steam room and hot tub in your building. You might not
be aware of it, but many of the newer buildings offer saunas and in-door hot
tubs as part of its amenities.

      • If you don’t have those amenities, you can also turn your bathroom into a steam room.
        • Turn the hot water on, shut the door almost completely and leave it running for about twenty minutes. You will notice the steam.

6. Ambiance

The environment around you is a key to fulfilling the best spa experience you can create.

        • Add another layer to the experience by bringing scented candles or oils with you and soothing music.

5. Prepare your own body scrub

What You Need:

        • 2 to 3 tablespoons of brown sugar
        • About 2 tablespoons of olive oil depending of how much of your body you want to cover.
        • Scented oil (I love grapefruit, lavender, or verbena)

How To:

        • Pour all items in a bowl and mix

NOTE: Make sure it is more firm than watery, add a scented oil if you feel like it.

It will leave your skin radiant and exfoliated by getting rid of the dead skin cells.

If you prefer to use a packaged product, we recommend Brown Sugar Body Polish by Fresh.

4. Make your own face-mask

What You Need:

        • 1 egg
        • 1 tablespoon of organic honey

How To:

        • Mix both ingredients together and voila! You will have instantly smooth and nurtured skin.

NOTE: Remember, the heat of the sauna or steam room causes your pores to dilate so skin absorbs more of the nutrients.

If you are not into the at home solution we recommend the Express Beauty Mask with Royal Jelly by Apivita.

3. Hair Mask:

Complete your head to toe beautification by applying a hair treatment.

What You Need:

        • 1 banana
        • 1 egg
        • 2 tablespoons of honey,
        • ½ avocado
        • 3 tablespoons of buttermilk
        • 2 tablespoons of olive oil approximately for medium length hair.

How To:

        • Mix all ingredients together either in a bowl or a food processor until smooth
        • Apply and leave mask for 30 minutes, after rinse out with shampoo.

The result: soft silky, shiny hair!

Not into DIY check out this market option: Monoi Repairing Hair Mask by Carol’s Daughter.

2. Prepare the cool down

What You Need:

        • Towelettes or cloths
        • Container with ice
        • Sliced cucumbers
        • Mint Leaves

How To:

        • Place a couple of towelettes/cloths for about 30 minutes inside a container with ice, sliced cucumbers and mint leaves.

This step will help refresh you and seal the skin at the end of your session.

1. Replenish:

Hydration is extremely important in any spa treatment, whether at home or at a professional spa!

        • Chill water in a jar with a ton of ice some sliced lemons or oranges and cucumbers and drink away!



  1. flor troconis06.13.12

    This sounds delicious…..I will do it as soon I get all the perfect ingridients.
    Thank you Vinna. <3
    I will do it on father's day !

    • VK07.02.12

      Flor, these spa plan is truly delicious.. you will feel like a goddess after your at home pampering!