Solo no more- 5 Parties to Throw for Valentine’s

Let’s face it Valentine’s Day is a lot of pressure… I don’t care if you are one of those people that say, “Who cares about Valentine’s Day”… I know you secretly do, besides the harder you try to ignore it the more you get smacked in the face with the marketing scheme behind it… Remember: the more you resist something the more it persists (I don’t know, my mother always says that, so I figure I’ll place that saying anywhere I feel resistance towards).

So, If you are one of the millions of people that find yourself solo… throw a party anyway.

Yes, enjoy your friends and drink away your sorrows that you are going to be OK and that life will someday lead you to the one and in the meantime focus on all the ones (each and every friend) that love and support you.

Instead of going to a singles club or to an “I Hate Valentines Party” this year, get inspired with these 5 fun ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1.Throw a Pot Luck

Have everyone bring their favorite dish or side or drink.

2. Throw a Dessert Party

Valentine’s Day is all about the sweets so celebrate with a delicious variety of desserts, alcohol, and friends. Check out my Wine and Dessert Pairings article.

3. Throw a wine tasting party

Pick out different types of wine, have everyone try the same one at the same time and chat up about it. You can even go for a wine tasting party with wines from only one region or country for a more in-depth look.

4. Throw a theme party

Sex and City theme: dress up, drink, talk about sex…, Hollywood Glamour, Pretty in Pink.. whatevaa.. people like to dress up or maybe you just will get inspired with your party decor… it just adds another element

5. Snooze and Booze Party

Perfect timing for a PJ party with your friends… because what else is better than being comfortable and hanging out with close friends over drinks…

Check List for any Party:

Booze: Make sure you have enough alcohol, ice, mixers, and glasses

Music: Have fun upbeat music.. remember some people are sensitive during this time of the year so keep it light and fun!

Munchies: Come-on you want people to have fun not get sloppy drunk (that will be extra clean up for you in the end). Check out Fake It ‘Til You Make It , How to make a Cheese Plate,  and the Appetizer section of the website.

Useful Stuff: Plates, utensils, napkins, toilet paper, hand soap.. the basics ok


With Love,