Simple Tips that make Travel a whole lot better

When you travel there are a hundred things going through your mind. Travel involves a good amount of prep and a calm mind to have everything done before you find yourself in the check in line at the airport. There are things however that make life just a little easier and can have you prepared for any occasion.

Prepare for the worst. What?

Yes, you never know what’s going to happen; a button might fall off of your favorite coat, a tear in a blouse, the expensive hair product you made sure to place in your luggage happened to spill all over your clothes. Let’s hope that these are the worst case scenarios. So here is a list of things that I like to do to Prepare.

• Mini sewing kit:

o This is always good to have in case of any scenario where a button might fall off or a rip in one of your garments needs tending to. If you don’t have one, you can either buy one at any convenient store or pharmacy or make your own.

• Cream or Liquid Products:

o Make sure to first check that they are the specified allowed amount before placing in your carryon. The worst and not only humiliating feeling is when security pulls you aside and confiscates your goods.
o Place the bottle in a zip lock bag. Whether you are packing the bottle in your luggage or in your carryon the best thing you can do to save yourself a lot of headache is to avoid spills all over your things by just simply placing your products into a plastic bag.

• First Aid:

o In case you accidently catch your finger in a zipper, have horribly chapped lips, eat something that didn’t agree with your stomach, or just need a remedy for a hangover, having a first aid pouch is always a must!

• Preventing deformed shoes:

o Packing a bag can be a pain, but sticking your shoes in and then coming out of your bag deformed is an even bigger pain. Simply stuff the shoe with undergarments, socks, or small tops to prevent this annoyance. This not only saves your shoe but also gives you more space in your bag.


o Cheapness on behalf of the Airline doesn’t mean that you should freeze to death on the plane! BYOB Bring Your Own Blanket… or what I usually do is bring a large pashmina; it keeps you warm in the city, cozy on the plane, and rolled up can dub as a pillow.

Safe Travels!


  1. Alicia07.05.12

    me encantó el consejo de los zapatos, lo pondré en practica

    • VK07.05.12

      Alicia, que emoción escuchar que le gusto el consejo! Avísame que tal le va con este tip! Gracias por comentar!
      Saludos <3