Short Cut to Quick… Lists of foods to have in your Kitchen


Rice: This is the perfect quick compliment to almost any dish and can even become the star on it’s in own in dishes.

Couscous: This beautiful ingredient is not only quick to make but is also a great side hot, or wonderful to add cold to salads.

Pasta: I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that doesn’t like pasta. This is a great thing to have at home to make a quick meal and look oh so fabulous. Don’t have anything to pair it with? Just chop up some garlic and cook until golden in olive oil and salt for a fast and yummy meal.

Flour: Properly stored (in a container and preferably in the refrigerator or freezer) this ingredient can last for years. Flour can be used in thousands of different ways! From making a delicious Milanese to Mexican Tortillas and Breads to chewy gooey cookies.

Refrigerated and Frozen:

Refrigerated/ Frozen Pizza Dough: Some supermarkets sell this already made if you don’t find it its really, really easy to make. With this you can whip up a fast meal in no time!

Frozen Vegetables: Believe it or not sometimes having frozen vegetables can be just as good as having fresh vegetables! Heat them up for a side dish, defrost them for a salad, or cook them for a soup.

Frozen Ground Beef/Turkey: Always good to keep handy… can be thawed out quickly and made into anything from a chili to meat balls!

Frozen Chicken/Fish: Great to have! Easy to defrost and can be made into any quick dish you wish.

Eggs: Besides the obvious, scrambled, sunny side up, benedict style eggs, this ingredient is used as a binding agent for anything from French toast to fresh pasta!

Stock: Whether you have made your stock from scratch or have bought your as the store Vegetable/Chicken/ Beef/ Fish stock is great to add instant flavor to any dish from rice to sauces.


Canned Tomatoes: They come in different manners; pureed, crushed, whole. With this ingredient you can make a vast variety of foods from pasta sauces, eggplant Parmesan, to soups and delicious touches to savory dishes.

Canned Tuna/Crab: Great to have because not only does it have a good shelf life, but also can be useful in moments that you feel like not having to cook.

Canned Beans: Supermarkets have huge varieties of beans. This is great to have in case you want to make anything from a quick salad to homemade hummus!


Olive Oil

Vegetable Oil




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