Salt Trivia… The basics

Not all salts are created equal. Like different spices, different types of salts are used for different things. Depending on environmental and human manipulation salts contain different amounts of sodium, chloride, minerals, and flavors. There are a vast varieties of flavors from the normal plain sea salt to smoked salts and truffle salts; a vast variety of textures from coarse to flaky salts, and an assortment of colors from white to pink to black.
This article however, is too explain the four most basic salts that are commonly used in kitchens:

Table Salt

This is the most refined salt. Since it has been so processed it has been stripped away of its minerals. Many times the manufacturers fortify this salt with iodine to compensate for its lack of nutritional value. This type of salt is best used in baking because it is the least coarse and blends in easily.

• Kosher Salt

This salt is quite coarse and it contains no additives. Its name Kosher is because the process in which it was made is approved by the methods of the Orthodox Jewish faith. This salt is best to sprinkle onto foods at the end of its cooking term.

Sea Salt

This salt is the strongest of the most common salts. It is made by the process of evaporated sea water. This type is more expensive than table or kosher salt and can be found in a variety of colors from pink to black.

• Rock Salt

This type of salt come in rock crystals, with a grayish hue, but is not for consumption. Many times its used for presentation for shellfish.