Reviving Hydrangeas

You are in a good mood today and finally get around to buying flowers to decorate the house. You look through the sea of roses, lilies and there you spot the beautiful luscious, space filling hydrangeas (The flower that Madonna strangely hates, and most interior designers love)…

You pick a few up and rush home, imagining how lovely they will look at home. You do everything you are told: trim the ends, clean the vase, use clean water. You leave them gorgeously arranged; get ready for bed and go to sleep, patting yourself in the back for doing something special.

The next morning you wake up late, since it’s Saturday, to make some coffee, when you pass by the hydrangeas and out of the corner of your sleepy eyes you see something strange and do a double take.

“What the heck!?” you exclaim when you see that your Hydrangeas are melting away and look like they are near death… You go over all the steps you did and realize that it most have been the heater.

No worries people! Hydrangeas can be revived in a way you would never guess!

What You Need:

  • 2 -3 Cups of boiling Water
  • A few pieces of Paper Towel
  • An empty vase

How To:

  1. Pour the boiling water into the vase. Make sure that the vase is the right height so that the tips of the stems of the Hydrangeas can be covered.
  2. Cover the leaves and petals of the Hydrangeas with the paper towel so that the steam doesn’t damage them.
  3. Place the Hydrangeas stem directly into the boiling water.
  4. Let soak for about 3 hours.

Thathaaaa! Like magic you have revived Hydrangeas! It’s amazing how the flowers pick themselves up.

0 mins  

1/2 Hr


2 hrs


3 hrs