Rediscovering the Beauty of a Handwritten Thank You

With this beautiful age of technology I know that most of us have either forgotten or never taught the importance of a handwritten note.

Have you ever received one? How did it feel?

Nice right… Do to others what you like to be done to.

People really appreciate when you take the time out to do such a gesture.

If you really have every excuse in your head of why you don’t have time, or it’s a time sensitive thing, then fine, send an email. But know that although it is thoughtful to do so, it’s the extra step that makes an even bigger difference.

What to write:

  • Tell that person how much you enjoyed whatever they have given you and how you have used it, or what a wonderful time you had in the case of a dinner etc…
  • If you’d like, take the time to tell them how much their friendship means to you.
  • Try to send the letter no later than 72 hours (3 days) after you met with the person.
  • NOTE: Making the note less generic will make it sound more sincere, so be real!

With Love,

Vinna Katz