Oy Vey moments.. what to do

You have made a boo boo! Make no mistake, activities such as cooking,
household chores and even beautifying yourself (flat irons, hair curlers,
tanning) can be as risky as playing with fire!

Burns. Remember these are light burns!

Egg Whites The most healing food for the skin is definitely an egg white. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and skin repairing agents, it will soothe and probably help you out with the ask too.

No eggs handy? reach for vinegar or honey. Both are moisturizing and will help sooth and heal the spot.


When you overdo your sun exposure, the first thing you should do back
home is fill a tub with cool water.

Mix one or two cups of oatmeal and one of two cups of baking soda. This will help restore your skin and calm that awful overheating sensation. A cold towel used as a compress with a little vinegar might also do the trick.

Superficial Cuts & Scratches.

The answer is sweet, as in sugar! This food will immediately help the bleeding and help the skin heal.

In a more serious tone…

If someone actually loses a finger cutting or in the blender or any other way, follow these steps and not all is lost. Immediately bandage the hand that has been hurt to stop the bleeding and prevent infection. Next look for the missing finger and place it in a bag full of ice. Rush to the nearest hospital! Most of the time doctors are able to re-attach the finger.