Ms. Rice… Choosing the Right Type of Rice

She’s a smooth talker; she has snuck her way into the homes of the rich and poor alike; in different time zones, different continents, and different cultures.
What can I say, besides the facts: her smooth voluptuous curves are yearned by different lips. Rice is a hot commodity.

When you go to the market to buy rice, notice that there are usually at least a few different types. You probably ask yourself “Which one should I buy? “ and answer naggingly, annoyed that you have wasted a whole 5 minutes looking at all the bags, “Oh, Whatever! Grab whichever”.

Nag no more my friends! Here is a quick guide to the rice section.

Size matters in rice.

They are first categorized by their length: Long, Medium, Short.
Then by whether it is brown or white.
Lastly where it comes from.

Did You Know?
Brown and white rice are the same grain. The only difference is that the white rice has been processed so that there is no hull that originally covers each grain.

Long Grain

  • Basmati- aged from one to two years before being processed. It has a fragrant and delicate. When cooked it expands in length not in width so it is easily separates. Common in Middle Eastern, Indian, and Pakistani cuisines.
  • Jasmine- Originally from Thailand sometimes called Thai fragrant rice. Has a nutty aroma. When it is cooked it is soft texture that allows for it to cling on to eachother. Common in Asian cuisines.

Medium/ Short Grain
It is slightly wider than it’s length making it more tender than long grain rice.

  • Arborio- Originally from Italy. Great for risotto
  • Japanese sushi rice
  • Paella Style rice- Absorbs up to 2 times more liquid than long grain bit does not get sticky.

What is Parboiled?

Sometime you will see this on the bags of rice. This simply means that the rice has been pre-cooked before being processed.

What is Instant/Quick Rice?

Instant rice has been processed, pre-cooked thoroughly and then dehydrated so that it cooks quickly. Makes it more expensive, less nutritious, and practically tasteless.

What is Wild Rice?

Wild rice is not actually a rice, it is a type of grass plant that originally comes from North America. It has a nutty flavor and chewy texture.

How do you Store Rice?

Rice can last for years as long as the bag is sealed and is stored in a dry, dark, and cool place. Since Brown rice still has its hull, make sure that Brown rice is placed in the refrigerator so that it can last longer.