Mozzarella Heaven…How to Prep Fresh Mozzarella

Living in Italy not only changed my life in many ways but also, changed the way I eat fresh mozzarella.

When shopping for mozzarella I always suggest to buy the one that is packaged with it’s liquid. Yes, in some cases it can be a tad bit more expensive but it pays off in flavor, texture, and overall experience. Also if you haven’t ever tried Buffalo Mozzarella, which is made with Buffalo’s milk, try it!! I’m so serious about this, I actually started dating someone in Italy because he would bring me weekly in a travel styrofoam box buffalo mozzarella from Napoli.

So once you buy the mozzarella here’s what you do to optimize it’s flavor and texture significantly:

  1. Fill a bowl half way of warm water.
  2. Still in it’s container or bag, place the mozzarella in the bowl. The warm water should be practically covering the container, if not, add more warm water.
  3. Let sit for 10 minutes, take out of container and serve.

This process is so simple and makes such a huge difference!


The warm water bath actually enables the mozzarella ball to open its pores and absorb the liquid in the container, which is the liquid where it was actually made.
Amazing! In just minutes you have the taste of mozzarella that was just made!