Lip Etiquette Scrub

Now that the cold season is in, doesn’t mean that your love life has to go cold as well. One thing that drives me crazy is having a conversation with someone and watch them pick away at their lips or that lips are peeling away painfully.

Get a grip people! We need to take care of ourselves… I’m sure you don’t appreciate those images as you are having an important (or not so important) conversation.
I always liked Coco Chanel’s quote:

“ I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.”

Ok I’m not saying you have to be decked out, but the most basic things should be at least addressed… in this case Lip Etiquette.

I know you are probably thinking, “Oh, what now, I also have to go out and buy some expensive product to address yet another issue?!”.

No, you don’t have to go out and buy yet another product. You can find the things to take care of your lips in your cupboard.

Here’s how to make an inexpensive and effective Lip Scrub:

What You Need:

Petroleum Jelly or Oil
Tooth brush

How To:

1. In a small Bowl combine the sugar and the petroleum jelly (ex Vaseline) or Oil and make a paste.
2. With your finger apply the paste to your lips.
3. With your brush gently brush your lips until they are silky smooth.

Now there are no more excuses for not puckering up in this cold weather.



  1. Alexandra Alcorta01.24.12

    this is great! Had no clue about lip scrub. :)

    • VK01.24.12

      Thank you Alexandra!
      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Now you know a quick fix to keep those lips smooth and beautiful!