Laura Lugash Paving the road to Health and Success

Getting over fears of failure and just keep trying, is the formula towards placing the stepping stones for success.

Laura Lugash stands tall with a striking poise of a professional volleyball player. She is outgoing, intelligent, and definitely a people’s person.

Laura is one of the founders of Optimal Wellness Labs which is the developer and distributor of an at home test that does biological evaluation and health testing called MAP (Matrix Assessment Profile) which is originally a NASA medical technology and was later modified by, Dr. Richard DiCenso, one of her business partners. Her strength, creativity, and focus have paved the way for her success.




VK What happened in your life that made your entrepreneurial clock tick?

LL I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age because my father was an
entrepreneur and my grandfather was an inventor. My dad has always promoted
the idea of following your passion. He would say, “If you do what you love, the
money will come” . I had always asked him how he was so successful and he would
tell me that you need to have people working for you.

V.K Is this your first venture or have you tried before to start your own business?

L.L I tried before to start a consulting agency where I would find clients who
needed help building or updating their websites. I would hire and outsource to a
lower cost resource. But, I couldn’t get it off the ground because I was afraid… I was
caught in fear which is really common for many people; they get stuck, they worry
about their bills and the logistics of HOW they are going to make it work.

V.K Do you think that is the biggest enemy of an entrepreneur?

L.L Definitely one of the biggest, I am aware that it is a challenge for me. I think that
it is for a lot of people; they have an idea and they don’t know how to execute it, all
they know is what they love; they are an artist or a doctor but they don’t know how
to run a business. In this case you need to find someone who does the thing that
you don’t do well. This is another problem that small business owners try to solve –
focus on the things that you do well and hire someone to do the rest. My consulting
business didn’t work for me, but I tell people just to keep trying and learning and
meeting new people and eventually you’ll feel confident enough to give it a try.

V.K These lessons of failure many times propel you to something that is successful.

L.L It’s important to know what didn’t work, understanding and learning from the
mistakes. My brother always says…”The best way around something is through it”

V.K Who did you start Optimal Wellness labs with?

L.L I joined my brother and brother in law 6 months ago. They started the company
14 months ago. Optimal Wellness Labs evolved through a series of other businesses
that had to be manipulated and massaged until they found a product and a
marketing system that worked. The beauty of being a small business owner and
especially in an online field, is that you can be flexible and malleable-If something
isn’t working, understand why, look at the data, study it, make the necessary

V.K Working with family can sometimes be tricky… in one word what would you
recommend for someone that is planning to do the same and why.

L.L My fathers business is with his family as well… so we learnt to keep the emotion
out of it which is really a key element.

V.K So would you describe that one word as emotionless?

L.L Well yeah, I would say emotionless, but not passionless, I don’t want to confuse those two. I thought about starting a business with my sister, but we are both really emotional. So that was a concern, and I brought it up to her. It’s important to recognize a good business partner and we agreed that we are better as sisters and not business partners. And that’s o.k too.

V.K Now knowing that you are an emotional person how do you deal with those on
days and off days…where do you find inspiration to keep going even through those
off days?

L.L I guess I would say, the good days come when you have a good deal or you talk
to a client that sounds really interested in your product. Those are the kind of days
I think about and I remember feeling energized by that person. So I think back to a
conversation where I felt inspired.

V.K In your opinion what is the most important characteristic for a woman to have in
your field?

L.L To be able to communicate your thoughts …I had to learn to clearly say what I’m
thinking, to be direct and concise and not over talk your point …and have backup
because there is always going to be a rebuttal. That’s a good business lesson.

V.K What health concerns should women pay closer attention to?

L.L I would say that every woman should take care of their bodies, eat right, exercise but its equally important to find a way to make you feel satisfied.  I can always improve my diet, exercise more (ugh) but what balances me is to take some time to do what I really enjoy like…make a new recipe and share it with friends. Remember, do what you love, hire someone else to do the rest.

V.K How do you think that The Matrix Assessment Profile testing process will
influence the medical world and the way the average person addresses health exams?

L.L I think it is going to show people that there is another way to look at your body
and another way to look at chronic symptoms that they’ve been having for 5, 10, 20
years. When you have been suffering and frustrated for so long, you seek a new way of looking at your body. For those who are fed up with prescription pills and just masking the symptoms, this test is going to reveal to them where, exactly, in their body, the ROOT of where the symptom is coming from and fix it once and for all.

V.K What would be the benefit of doing an at home test rather than just visiting a

L.L I get asked this a lot. The unique part of this test is not that it’s taken in
home, it’s that it looks at your body in a way that no one else is looking at it.
What happens to many people when they go to a doctor’s office is that they go in
with a preconceived notion of their condition for example a patient might say, “I have high blood pressure, or I have acid reflux” etc…. The doctor checks their blood pressure and says, “Yes, indeed it is high”, so they give you a series of harsh medication to lower it.

What our test does, is that it recognizes that there is a cellular reaction happening
in your body’s biochemistry, combined with external stresses in your life and
your environment and your emotional state that is creating deficiencies. These
deficiencies are creating a symptom that is surfacing as high blood pressure; there is
something more meaningful going on at the root of the symptom that only our test
can locate.

V.K So, you are saying that when you order your at home test you don’t have to
ask for something specific and that it is a overall general health test?

L.L This test is for anyone, people with chronic and without chronic
symptoms, it can be for athletes that just want to preform better, or if you are just
interested in taking preventative measures with their health.

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