How to Hold a Glass of Wine or Champagne Flute

We have heard many times that wine is an art. This is absolutely true! Everything doesn’t happen by chance. Wine makers have spent centuries perfecting this art form and understanding the scientific ways of manipulating its taste.

So what I want to explain, is that everything from the wine making, to the actual shape of the glasses you are drinking from, to the way you hold the glass has been studied. Before you roll your eyes to the back of your head, and think “shish! This fufu talk is too much”, let me explain.

How to Hold a Wine glass or Champagne Flute:

Always hold the glass by the stem (unless you are drinking from one that doesn’t have a stem, then in that case try to drink as fast as you can ;) )


This avoids that the warmth of your hands changes the temperature of the wine. The cooler the wine, the higher the tones of acidity are accentuated. Then again if to your palate the wine is too acidic, which in many cases the wine has been overly chilled, go ahead and see if you like it a bit warmer (warming the temperature by just simply holding it by the bowl).
Experiment! Have fun with it! In the end it is your own taste!


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