How Much? Food & Drink tips for your BBQ

When setting up for a Barbecue or just any party, one thing always stands out in my mind (or maybe because I’m a maternal Latina), How much food and drinks should I have? In the past I would end up buying enough to feed an army, when in fact I only had 10 people over, and found myself either eating leftovers, for well, way too long or just having to throw it away… ekk..

Worry no more my friends, here is a simple list that helps you calculate better, so that you won’t be fretting to the store in the middle of the party or having to figure out what creative way you can eat and drink all your leftovers.


Calculate each serving per guest:

1 1/2 Cups  of your choice of a side dish ( i.e. any type salad, coleslaw, etc…)

1 1/2  serving of your choice of Burger, Hot Dog, or Sandwich

For every 10-12 people:

1 big fruit / vegetable platter

Important Food Tips:

It’s hot out there so make sure to do the following to keep everyone happy and safe.

        • Do not leave food out all day. Leave outside a maximum of 2 hours. The heat provokes bacterial growth!
        • Put salads on ice.
        • Place dressings on the side so that the each guest serves themselves.
        • Place the raw meat on a separate plate than the ones that are cooked.


Calculate each serving per guest:

1 1/2 Alcoholic drinks per hour

For every 12 people:

1 gallon of lemonade + 1 gallon Iced Tea + 1 gallon water

Important Drink Tips:


        • Have a Cooler/ Tub? Buy at least 410 pound bags of ice for each.
        • Serving pitcher drinks? Buy at least 1-1 1/2 pounds  of ice per person.
          • NOTE: if temperatures are above 80˚F double up on the ice.

Basic Tips:

    • Bathroom necessities: Make sure bathrooms are clean and have at least 3 rolls of toilet paper, soap, and hand towels/ paper towels.
    • Music: Always have a good play list. Studies show that music can really change the experience and mood of the crowd.
    • Food & Drink accessories: Always have extra supply of plates, cups, napkins, and utensils!
    • Be Mindful: If you are serving some form of meat always keep a vegetarian option for an unexpected non-meat-eater guest (It’s nicer and more thoughtful than having them stick to the salad)
    • Bug Off: In some places in the states it’s mosquito season, so make sure to have repellent.
    • Sun-sation without the pain: If you are having a daytime party, have some sunscreen available (make sure it’s for sensitive skin, so that no one gets an allergic reaction.)
    • Decorations: Flags, flowers, whatever you want but remember to keep it chic and simple. Stick to light tones with pops of color.




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