Apple Cider Vinegar: Made from whole fermented apples, apple cider vinegar has a sweet, acidic yet mild taste. Great for salads and marinates since its not so strong in flavor.

Balsamic Vinegar: The most expensive type of vinegar because of its lengthy aging periods. It has a sweet tartness to it. There are a variety of types of balsamic vinegar’s, usually the longer the period its been aged the more expensive and flavorful it will be.

Cane Vinegar: Used commonly in Filipino cuisine, this variety of vinegar is made from fermented sugar cane.

Coconut Vinegar: Wonderful for Thai and Asian dishes, this variety of vinegar has a acidic taste with hints of coconut.

Malt Vinegar: Made from processing (fermenting) beer (barely malt) into vinegar. This variety has a strong distinctive taste that is often used in making chutneys, pickling mixtures, and sprinkled on chips (French fries) in the ever popular English dish of “Fish and Chips”.

Red Wine Vinegar: Made from processing red wine into vinegar. It has an acidic full bodied taste. Great for salads.

Rice Vinegar: Made from fermented rice or sake, this type of vinegar actually comes in several varieties. Used in making sushi.

Sherry Vinegar: Made from Sherry wine from the grapes that come from the Andalusian area of Spain. It has a balanced nutty, acidic-sweetness. Many times can be interchanged in dishes calling for balsamic vinegar.

White Wine Vinegar: Made from processing white wine into vinegar. It has an acidic taste with a white wine undertone. Used commonly for pickling and preserves.

White Distilled Vinegar: The strongest and sharpest in flavor. It is made from pure grain alcohol and is advised to be used in very small amounts. This type of vinegar can also be used for cleaning, killing germs and bacteria because of the high level of acidity.