Blanco (White) or Plata (Silver):

Un-aged meaning that it is bottle right after distillation or aged for under 2 months in stainless steal barrels. The color of this tequila is clear and the flavor is strongest of the tequilas.

Joven (Young) or Oro (Gold):

A mixture between Blanco and Reposado

Reposado (Rested): 

Aged from a minimum of 2 months- 12 months in oak barrels of any size. This resting or aging time allows that the tequila flavor becomes to become smooth with a golden color which is perfect for sipping..

Añejo (Aged):

Aged 1 year – to 5 years in small oak barrels that don’t exceed 600 litters each. The color becomes an rich amber color and the flavor is more smoother and complex.

Extra Añejo (Extra Aged) or Ultra-Aged:

Aged for more than 3 years in oak barrels. The color becomes a Mahogany and the flavor is the richest.


The plant that is used to make the tequila. It’s a member of a group of succulents and related to the Lily not the cactus. In raw form if consumed it is poisonous yet when baked the sweet juices are edible and then used to make the tequila.


The label that ensures the consumer that the tequila they are purchasing has been reviewed by the Tequila Regulatory Council which makes sure that the producers are meeting industry standards and regulates the production.


The artisan who harvests the Agave plants.