Green Peppercorns

Young pepper berries that have not yet matured, hence their green color. This variety, typically used in Asian dishes, are more delicate in taste and usually are stored in a salt solution.

Black Peppercorns

The most widely used and available type of peppercorn. The flavor is the strongest and slightly spicy since they are the most matured of the peppercorns sold. This variety is ripened on the tree or vine and then dried for a few days before being packaged.

White Peppercorns

This variety is actually made by taking a black peppercorn and removing the outer shell before the drying process. This peppercorn is still flavorful yet a bit more mild than the full bodied black variety.

Red and Pink Peppercorns

Although red and pink peppercorns look like peppercorns, they come from a completely different plant. Their flavor is similar to the white peppercorns but a bit more aromatic and light.