Olive Oil

Light or Extra Light Olive Oil:

As the name suggests, this variety is light and mild in flavor. Don’t be confused by the name, it’s only suggesting the taste and not the nutritional value. This Olive oil has the same amount of calories as other pourable oils, 120 calories per Tablespoon. Often used in substituting other oils because of its more neutral flavor. Great for sautéing and stir-fry.

 Extra Virgin:

The highest quality Olive Oil, best flavor, excellent aroma and the most expensive.  It is extracted in a single simple way resulting to be 100% Olive Oil and has the .08% acidity level making the flavor more full bodied. Used for salads, dipping, stews, and soups.

 Virgin Olive Oil:

Also extracted in a single process like Extra Virgin, however contains a higher level of acidity (2%).  This is a cheaper option than Extra Virgin with a good flavor.

 Pure Olive Oil or Olive Oil:

This Olive oil’s name is quite misleading because it is not pure and rather a blend of Extra Virgin Olive oil or Virgin Olive Oil and other refined Olive Oil. Used often for frying.


Main places in the world that produces Olive Oil:

In order from largest producers to smallest (still within the top producers)











United States (Mostly in California)