Doggy Travel

When traveling with your pet make sure you take certain precautions and that
they have all they need.

1. Papers: Check if you need a health permit or any other type of documentation
depending on your final destination, especially if you are traveling internationally.

2. To Check or not : Depending of the size of your dog you might be allowed to take your pet in the cabin with you, if not your doggy will have to travel as a checked pet. Charge for cabin pets ranges from $50 to $200 depending on the airline and route, while checked pets range from $150 – $200.

3. Comfort: Make sure your doggy fits comfortably in its kennel, and that water and food are handy inside the kennel.

4. Necessities: Pack leash, toys, poop bags, collar, blanket and any medicines your pet is taking if any, and also preventative. Remember they can get sick while on
vacation too!

5. Climate: Check the weather. Remember the little one’s sweater or cute outfit to
celebrate an occasion.

6. Scenarios: Finally, if it makes you anxious your dog might get lost, Microchip Ids are now placed in pets so they are always identified and returned to their owner!