Getting it together. Packing a suitcase.

Oh the excitement… you are going on a vacation! Ekkkk wait! You have to pack your bag!

Never have to jump and kick your suitcase closed again… (ok…at least not on the way there.)


  • Where are you going? Check on the weather…
  • Do you need bathing suits, shorts, dresses, paints, sweaters, etc?
  • Always take extra underwear.
  • Wrap bottles (such as shampoo, lotions, sunscreens etc..) in plastic grocery/pharmacy bags in case they spill.
  • Take what you need… Don’t pack 9 different black shoes… choose one. Besides you always want to leave room for things you buy.
  • Always pack a small emergency travel kit:
    • Band-aids
    • Neosporin
    • Cold/Flu, Allergy, Headache, Stomach problem, etc.. remedies
    • Eye drops
    • Pads/Tampons
    • Hormone replacement therapy, birth control aids, whatever your specific medical needs are.


  • Tuck socks, tanks, bathing suits, and small items into shoes to maximize space and keep their form. Lay shoes at the bottom.
  • Heavy items go along the edges of your suitcase.
  • Have a “Bathroom Bag” to place your lotions, shavers, etc. Make sure to put them in plastic bags so that if they leak your clothes won’t get ruined. Place on one side of bag.
  • First fold garments at their natural creases and then tightly roll them from one end to another. Place in suitcase one next to the other in tight rows.
  • Place on top pants and skirts. Fold them in half and lay.
  • If there are any tiny spaces available stuff them with any small items.


    • Never place valuable’s (jewelry) in your suitcase.
    • On your way back use plastic laundry bags provided in hotel rooms (or just get a plastic bag if you aren’t staying at one) to place your dirty clothes.

Major Tip!
Travel efficiently Light! Meaning plan out what you need to take, but, be selective! Trust me, lugging around extra weight, in a hurry, is no fun!

Enjoy your travels!!