Freshest Frozen? Tall Tails of Shrimp

Dreaming of a shrimp cocktail, Pasta alla Scampi, or a shrimp risotto? If you are a shrimp lover like I am (well, I love seafood in general) then it’s important to know how to buy them.

I know you are probably thinking, it can’t be too difficult, you:

A) go to the seafood section and ask the person behind the counter for whatever amount you want and they choose it,
B) go get the prepackaged arrangement,
C) buy it from the freezer section

Which option is the best? Fresh, right? Not really!

If you don’t live on the coast where shrimping is part of the ecosystem high chances are that the shrimp you are buying have been frozen. Shrimp have a short shelf-life so nearly all are frozen. When you buy at a store and they claim they are fresh most of the time they were frozen at one time and then thawed before being sold to you. Believe it or not but buying frozen many times is safer (since they were frozen fresh) , cheaper, and more convenient!

What’s not to like, fresher, easier to store, and better price!

To thaw it, place in room temperature water and in a couple of minutes its ready to use!