Fishy Business

It’s Friday afternoon and your excited because you’ve invited the person you have been dating for a month to have dinner at your house. You think of a million recipes through your head and decide that a delicious, fresh, fish would be light and perfect for the evening.

You head over to the market, make your way to the Seafood area, and stare at the neatly placed fish.

“Ok, perfect, now what!? Which one do I choose?”

Whichever type of fish you are going to buy, make sure before anything, that it is fresh!

How do you know if fish is fresh?

Smell it: Fish should not smell fishy! Fresh seafood smells like the water it comes from. If it smells fishy, it’s old!

Make sure to check the fish. It should not have cuts, bruises and or slime.

Touch: poke at it… it should have a bit resistance to it showing a bit of tightness. If it has scales, make sure that they are not loose (which is an indication of not being fresh).

Buying a whole fish?

Make sure to note the health of the eyes of the fish. It should not have sunken eyes, but have clean and clear eyes.

Look for any liquid on it. If it does have liquid make sure it is clear and that it is not milky or cloudy looking. Milky/cloudy liquid is a sign that it is not fresh!

Good Luck!