First things first. Plane Tickets

If you are anything like me, then daydreaming about anything from turquoise waters and sandy beaches to historical architectural phenomena’s, is an everyday norm.

The world is huge! So many places to see, foods to explore, and people to meet.

Where do you start?

With the plane tickets of course…

Since traveling can end up being expensive I make sure to start with the right step forward. I usually begin my search for flights with my favorite travel search engines. Who wouldn’t like to get the best deal that fits your schedule?

Since I’m writing from the US the following are the search engines that I use when looking to purchase a ticket:

    • (If you are planning to go to Latin America, this site sometimes has good prices.. NOTE: originally in Spanish! So if you don’t speak Spanish you may call their line 1 866 234 0089 and press 9.. Oh no.. just did that and it seems as though its only in Spanish.. Sorry guys!)

Note: Some airlines have had issues with search engines and have pulled out access granted to their flight information. If you do not see a particular airline in the results make sure to go their website.

Tip: I usually start with the search engine and see the results and then go to the website of flights I like and make sure that the prices and availability are the same.

Planning on traveling in Europe?

Did You Know? That many times, contrary to belief, it is actually cheaper to travel by plane than by train! Woohoo.. shorter travel time and better prices! I usually check out:

    • ( a low-cost airline)One of the original European low-cost airlines with a route network spanning most of Europe. Flights to around 124 airports.
    • ( a low-cost airline)Irish low fares airline with hubs all over Europe. Ryanair offers low-cost, no-frills flights to most European countries. Flights to around 159 airports.
    • ( a low-cost airline) This German low-cost airline fly a large number of routes between airports in Germany and destinations in Europe, northern Africa and the UK. Flights to around 143 airports.

If you have any suggestions or comments of your experiences, please feel free to comment!



  1. Di02.03.12

    I’ve flown Ryanair. They are terrible. Maybe worse than Spirit Airlines if that’s possible.

    Kisses & Hugs

    • VK02.03.12

      Thank you Di for your input! Unfortunately, sometimes with low cost airlines, you have to give up something! Which low cost airline in Europe do you recommend?