Don’t be a Chicken about it, just pick one!

Aaa the marvels of modern times and living in a developed country, so many choices so little time.

How many times have you gone to the market and looked at the poultry section to find yourself, once again, pondering naggingly, “What the heck is the difference between all these types of chicken chategories?”

You’ll see Hormone free, natural, Certified Humane (adjectives that some of us would love to be)… Organic, Kosher.

Which one is right for you? Well my friends, this is one more question in life that you don’t have to wish that you had a crystal or 8 ball to decipher.

Chick this Out:

  • Natural

No artificial flavorings or preservatives added, however it might have been giving some antibiotics, and some additives like salt, water, and/or “natural” flavors.

  • Organic

Chickens were fed organic foods and did not receive any antibiotics.

  • Certified Humane

Chickens weren’t giving antibiotics unless ill and were placed in living conditions that are considered above average.

  • Free-Range

According to this term, chickens are supposed to be allowed to roam around outside for at least part of the day and have a varied diet, which contribute to better flavor of the meat. However, it’s a bit difficult to verify this so make sure that the package says both “Free-range” and “Certified Humane”

  • Kosher

The Chicken is raised and slaughtered in accordance to the Jewish dietary guides. The meat is a bit salter than the others because it is soaked, salted, and then rinsed before packaging.