Soups and Salads

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Beef Stock

Beef stock is a wonderful ingredient to have. You can use beef stock from soups, to cooking couscous for extra flavor, to sauces, to a great way of moisturizing reheated any food. What You Need:


Easy 1-2-3 Delicious Vinaigrette

What You Need: • Olive Oil (I like to use Extra Virgin) • Vinegar (I love Balsamic or Red Wine vinegar.. choose whichever type you prefer) • Mustard (I like to use Whole Grain Dijon)


Lentil Soup

Nothing like a satisfying bowl of heart warming, and filling lentil soup! What You Need: 1 Cup of uncooked lentils (or 2 cups of cooked) 2 sausages Chicken or Beef (Optional), cut into 1/2inch cubes