When to say Buh-Bye to Make-Up

How many times has it crossed your mind as you are brushing on the mascara, “I wonder when I am supposed to get rid of this…” I can’t tell you the countless times my girlfriends


Reviving Hydrangeas

You are in a good mood today and finally get around to buying flowers to decorate the house. You look through the sea of roses, lilies and there you spot the beautiful luscious, space filling


Infused Sugars

We have heard of the “finishing salt” craze (I’m sure you have.. come on… caramel salted something is popping up in everywhere.. even in Starbucks) so I think it’s a great idea to get your

GirlBlowing Kiss

Lip Etiquette Scrub

Now that the cold season is in, doesn’t mean that your love life has to go cold as well. One thing that drives me crazy is having a conversation with someone and watch them pick