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Three alcoholic beverages with fruits and berries

Flavoring your vodka

There are many options of flavored vodkas on the market. Unfortunately, I find, that way too often, the flavored vodkas are overpriced and overly synthetic (fake) tasting. Flavoring your own vodka is actually quite easy.


Lemon Topiary

This really easy and inexpensive centerpiece will add color, freshness, and chicness to any party! What You Need: 1-2 Styrofoam cone 12-18 inches in height  (you can purchase it from local arts and crafts supplies


Infused Sugars

We have heard of the “finishing salt” craze (I’m sure you have.. come on… caramel salted something is popping up in everywhere.. even in Starbucks) so I think it’s a great idea to get your