Three alcoholic beverages with fruits and berries

Flavoring your vodka

There are many options of flavored vodkas on the market. Unfortunately, I find, that way too often, the flavored vodkas are overpriced and overly synthetic (fake) tasting. Flavoring your own vodka is actually quite easy.

Three candle

How to Remove Wax from a Tablecloth

The dinner party went perfect: the food came out delicious, the company amazing and fun, the décor beautiful; there was enough booze and ice the whole night. Once everyone leaves you are left with the evidence:


Oy Vey moments.. what to do

You have made a boo boo! Make no mistake, activities such as cooking, household chores and even beautifying yourself (flat irons, hair curlers, tanning) can be as risky as playing with fire! Burns. Remember these


Lemon Topiary

This really easy and inexpensive centerpiece will add color, freshness, and chicness to any party! What You Need: 1-2 Styrofoam cone 12-18 inches in height  (you can purchase it from local arts and crafts supplies