Carol Adrianza on the Catwalk towards Fame

When I think of beauty, poise, femininity meshed intricately with strength, and empowerment, the name Carol Adrianza pops into my head. If you haven’t heard of her that’s because she is a fast upcoming contemporary artist that is striding herself into the art scene like the powerful steps of a fashion model on the cat walk.

She reminds me of an Audrey Hepburn with a sexy accent… what more can you ask for: Beauty, inspiration, creativity, and strength; all of which are reflected in her pieces.

Carol’s latest works:

 48 x 72 Mixed Media on wood

 Diamond Freedom 50 x 50 mixed media on wood

 Freedom 48 x 72 mixed media on wood

For more on the artist check out:


  1. Karla Salguero03.12.12

    Wow!! I love this interview and introduction song :D Cant wait to see more episodes in the future.

    • VK03.12.12

      Thank you Karla!! I’m excited to start sharing with you my featured videos!

  2. Mary Nelly Sicilia03.12.12

    Vinna! This was great! You did a great job here! And for the Artist, I love what she does! Thank You for let us know her !

    • VK03.12.12

      Mary Nelly, thank you! I’m excited to hear that you liked this new media I’m incorporating into the website and of course the artist! She is a great inspiration!

  3. Laura03.13.12

    What an amazing artist! I absolutely love her work- so inspiring! Great interview, congrats on your first :)

    • VK03.13.12

      Yuppi Laura! I’m excited to hear that you feel the same way as I do for Carol and her work! Thank you for your support and comment!