Decorate your dish without feeling like this

Ever feel like a messy amateur when you serve a dish? I know, it’s horrible.. you spent all that time cooking, followed every step, and even sat in front of the oven… for it to, in the end, just look plan bad? No, no put the tissues away..

Enjoying a meal requires not only your taste buds and nose, but also your eyes. In Spanish there is a saying “you ate with your eyes” meaning that you ordered way too much food because the look and thought of it provoked you.

Garnish is the edible decoration that is used to dress up a dish. Think of it as the rims of your plates can be turned into your own personal canvas.

Make sure to decorate with a light hand, you don’t want to change the flavor of your dish by adding too much garnish.

By using garnish you can frame an appetizer, salad, main course or dessert with a confetti of the following:

For your Appetizers, Salads, or Main Course:

Chop red onion into tiny cubes

Mince (chop finely) herbs and sprinkle lightly around.

      • Chevil, Italian parsely, Chives, Cilantro

Finely cubed peeled tomatoes

Basil ribbons, roll up basil and slice so that it comes out as ribbons

Cracked pepper

For Dessert:

Powdered sugar, pour some sugar into a shifter or a mesh strainer and lightly shake over desired area

Cocoa powder, pour some into a shifter or a mesh strainer and lightly shake over desired area

finely ground coffee

Fresh fruits

Shaved chocolate, take a potato peeler and shave a bar of chocolate

Edible Flowers, for ideas on what flowers are edible click here and here

High quality melted Chocolate or Fruit compote


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