The growing Latina population living in the US is taking on more roles and making more decisions than ever before, yet how do they glide through each role easily?

Vinna builds the platform for these busy Latina women by providing clear, easy to follow everyday tips and inspiration, so that they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

 Simply done. The Art of Doing in Life.

El Arte de hacer el todo los días.

 The Modern Latina woman need not feel as though she has to abandon traditions and culture to be modern just as well as she does not have to abandon her dreams to be traditional.

We aim to Motivate, Educate, and Inspire by understanding busy lifestyles and the importance of our Hispanic culture that is embedded strongly in our everyday lives.

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Who am I?

-A lifetime of moving has taught me the importance of relationships, which has translated to inevitably learning and enjoying entertaining. I use a cup of travels, a pinch of memories, and tablespoons of love in the things I create.-

Vinna was born in Caracas, Venezuela to a large, loving, creative, and entrepreneurial family. At an early age she and her immediate family moved to sunny California where she did her schooling. She traveled often to Venezuela and around the world, nurturing her love, passion and curiosity for food, travel, culture and its people. Upon finishing high school in Los Angeles Vinna’s love affair with the culinary world began when she moved to Paris where she attended La Sorbonne. From France she moved to Italy; living in Florence, Sorrento, Naples and Rome. After 2 years in Europe Vinna moved to Miami where she received degrees in Finance and International Business from FIU and simultaneously worked in the Financial world as a banker. Once receiving her degrees she moved to NYC succeeding in injecting fuel into her innate entrepreneurial spirit where she began to structure this company. Currently Vinna resides in the bicultural city of Miami where it has become clear to her that there is a lack of representation of Latinas for the Lifestyle Hispanic marketplace, molding her vision.





Daniela Ortega Aepli
email: daniela@vinnakatz.com

A communicator at heart…since a very young age her parents joked, “she started talking when she was nine months old and hasn’t stopped since.” She was also born in Caracas, Venezuela and as soon as she graduated high school her thirst for new experiences and love for learning about different cultures, lead her to complete her studies in Emerson College in Boston and LA. After college she moved to Miami where she started working as an entertainment TV hostess and reporter. Currently, she is a valuable Creative Collaborator of the VK Team and is broadening her horizons by pursuing a Master of Arts in Journalism in the prestigious University of Miami.


  1. Maynor Mendez01.25.12

    Love your site. Congrats on all Ur success.

    • VK01.25.12

      Thank you for your love and support!

  2. Veronica01.25.12

    I can’t wait to read everything! I need all help I can find to balance work & home :)

    • VK01.25.12

      Thank you for checking out my website! I’m happy to hear that you are excited to read more!

  3. Tim01.25.12

    the site is great- congrats! The so called easy things are still the best!
    Regards from Frankfurt.

    • VK01.25.12

      Thank you so much! You are right, the simple things are definitely the best… they all amount to the big things!

  4. Paula Vila01.25.12

    Such a refreshing perspective, new yet old somehow…a modern twist on back to basics!

    • VK01.25.12

      Dearest Paula!
      It’s so great to hear that you completely got the idea.. mixing it up makes it refreshing!
      Best Regards!

  5. ursula01.25.12

    i love ur website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great tips great advicee yes it is a great websitee to folow amiga !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))

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      Wow!! I Loveeee your enthusiasm Ursula! I’m so happy to hear that you are as excited as I am! Thank you for your love and support my dear!

  6. Marianella Troconis01.25.12

    Vinna!!!! Blessings in all you do. This site is really great. Congrats!!!!!!! :)

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      Thank you for your blessings Marianella! I’m so happy to hear you liked it!! Thank you!

  7. Miriam01.26.12

    Congrats Vinna! The site looks great, easy to read, refreshing, very nice. I can feel your love on what you do. Best best wishes always! Thanks for sharing your great tips with all of us. Xoxo

    • VK01.26.12

      Thank you Miriam! I love that you found it friendly! Look forward in sharing more with you!

  8. ESTELA PELGRON01.26.12

    GOOD FOR YOU, …!!!!! Soy amiga de Nene, Myriam Quintana, donde vi este articulo, felicidades y adelante, Mucha suerte en tu nueva actividad, ya es un EXITO, se ve por encima. He hecho mas o menos tu recorrido, en el sentido de los lugares de nacimiento y vida, ahora vivo en Suiza a 30 min de Italia.
    Le deseo todo lo mejor.

    • VK01.26.12

      Estimada Estela! Mil gracias por tus palabras de apoyo! Que bueno escuchar que te puedas relacionar no solo con mi proyecto pero también con mi recorrido de vida!

  9. María Eugenia Troconis01.26.12

    Congratulations……It´s a great site, I love it and I also love to travel, eat and enjoy life so I´m already your fan……….Best of luck.

    • VK01.26.12

      Thank you for your words of support, Maria Eugenia! I’m rejoiced to hear that you are already a fan, and that you share my passions as well!

  10. Clarissa Egana01.26.12

    Well done Vinna! I can totally relate to your story! I’ll be coming back to dream on my next trip from the irresistible travels you post, cook a nice dinner from the recipes you share, and learn something new from the exciting people you interview.

    • VK01.26.12

      Clarissa, thank you for your thoughts! I look forward to hearing your comments about those dreams, how your dinners turn out, and what you think about the inspirational women I will be interviewing!

  11. tina marie01.26.12

    Congratulations! I’ve been reading and looking at all of the fabulous things that your website has to offer… AMAZING!!!

    • VK01.26.12

      Thank you Tina!! So excited to share it with you! Feel free to comment on the things you find the most fabulous, so I can keep them coming for you!

  12. Alberto01.26.12


    Congratulations! Y como yo digo, “son esas pequeñas cosas, lo que hacen la vida más sabrosa” Back to basics baby!

    I wish you a lot of success.

    Un abrazo,

    • VK01.28.12

      Thank you for your words and wishes! You are absolutely right with what you say, “it’s the small things that make life for flavorful”!

  13. Richard Marks01.26.12

    Congratulations Vinna!

    • VK01.28.12

      Thank you Richard!

  14. Jessica01.27.12

    Congrats on the website! Loving it already, keep up the amazing job! Best wishes for success :)

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      Thank you Jessica! I love to hear that you love it! Please feel free to let me know how you feel about any of the articles, that way I can make sure to give you only the best of tips!

  15. Julissa de Sousa01.27.12

    Vinna, I love your page and I love how you think! I can relate to you in so many ways. I have always been an old soul, trying to blend the best of the 50′s lifestyle with today’s world. I believe that changing gender roles has a very big impact in higher divorce rates. Balance life is a key.
    Wish you the best!! xoxo

    • VK01.28.12

      Julissa, helping find balance is definitely the key idea of my website. It’s wonderful that you feel that we relate! I love to hear that because it gives more fuel to run the show! Thank you for your love and support, I truly appreciate it!

  16. Sandee Saunders01.28.12


    This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I Knew we had A Love for good food, wine & life in Miami!!! Thank You for opening your world to us!!! I look forward to more.

    Your interview with Carrie Zack was Great!!! Love her!!! She’s Good People!!!

    Sandee xx

    • VK01.30.12

      Thank you dearest Sandee! I’m so excited to hear you are looking forward to more and that you enjoyed Carrie Zack’s interview! You are absolutely right, she is “Good People”!

  17. Claudia Troconis Mármol01.28.12

    I love your site and the many tips you have to offer! Wishing you much success in this excellent project ;)

    • VK01.30.12

      Claudia, thank you for your words of support!!

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      Gracias Cristhian!

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      Wow what an amazing compliment Pipe! Thank you for your love and support!!

  21. Mary Nelly Sicilia02.09.12

    I love the way you wrote this. I can see my self reflected in some parts, specially in the way you feel women can sea themselves in this times. Looking for that balanced that make us feel whole inside.
    I assure you big waves of success in anything you put your gentle and clever heart.
    All the best for you dear!
    Un beso.
    Mary Nelly.

    • VK02.09.12

      Mary Nelly,
      Thank you very much for your thoughts and support! I’m thrilled to hear that you feel like you can connect to what I’m writing!
      Wishing you the best!

  22. heidi wasserman02.10.12

    Where have you been all of my life? You are answering the questions that I have been too embrarassed to ask! Looking forward to following you and your travels through life and business….
    Buena Suerte!


    • VK02.10.12

      Hi Heidi! I’m glad you that you feel I have answered some of your embarrassing questions… but please, do feel free to ask me, I promise to keep your name confidential if you’d like, this way I can provide more useful answers to readers like yourself! I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Me encanta! Todoo me fascina es muy muy tu, elegante, informativo, muy interesante…

    Te mando un beso y la mejor de las suertes para mi bella amiga!

    Tienes todo para triunfar!

    Love, Carol

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    Lovely site. Perhaps we can do something together?
    I met Anabella yesterday and she told me all about what you do. Please have a look at my blog: travelswithagourmet.com

    • VK03.27.12

      Roselyn I would love to do something together! I’ll send you an email so we can meet.

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    Vinna, Great site! and great story. Love reading it. Congrats!
    Regards from Miami…

    • VK04.18.12

      Thank you Michael! So happy to hear that you loved it! :D

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    Dear Vinna,
    Your site is really great! Love reading it. Good luck in all your endevours.

    Greeting from Miami.


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      Thank you Marisol! So excited to hear that you loved it!!
      Best Wishes!

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    I simply love it…! Ill bake the pear pie next week!

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      Yeaaa Isabella! Thank you for loving the website! We love you visiting and supporting it! Please let me know how the pear tart comes out!

  30. flor katz06.20.12


    Tu eres una inspiracion! tienes un gran talento para comunicar estas cosas del dia a dia, rutinarias y las transformas en aventuras, romance, alegria, sueños, sabor, nutricion, balance a travez de la comida, salud, gente, arte, entretenimiento, viajes, y mucho mas…

    Me mantengo conectada en todo lo que aportas a travez de este maravilloso medio y aprendo cada dia de Ti.

    Gracias por tu tiempo y tus ideas…

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