7 Ingredients to Stir-Up your Summer flings!

Warning may highly impact love life!

These coming months are sure to be hot ones. Summer always promises steamy days and fun-filled nights that are perfect for cooking up exciting adventures with your partner in crime a.k.a. your significant other. The best part? You don’t even have to leave home to make all of the delicious fun happen! We thought of sharing seven ingredients that will sure provoke even the weakest appetite… In every possible way! We encourage the use of your imagination for using these ingredients together, combined with others or even alone..

7. Truffles

This fungus has had a reputation for being an aphrodisiac since the ancient Greeks and Roman times. They are called “testicle of the earth” because their strong and distinctive odor is said to resemble that of male pheromones. It is believed the exotic fungus increases virility in men and sex drive in women. Try truffles or truffle oil while cooking pasta, eggs, meats or soups. Or just purchase some foie gras, butter or foods that might have a touch of this amazing ingredient.

Note: Many people get confused with Chocolate truffles, however, for the sake of clarification they do not have truffles in them…They are named this way because they resemble the shape this highly sought after ingredient.

6. Honey

Man and wife usually consummate after a wedding in their “honeymoon,” so this sweet “Nectar of Aphrodite” has had a reputation with love for a quite a while. Not only is it absorbed immediately by the body, invigorating even the most tired soul, but the vitamins and minerals contained in its nectar are said to stimulate sex hormones. Besides, warm honey is good for your skin as well, so… enjoy!


5. Figs

Well, because of its resemblance to certain female body parts, the act of eating figs is considered highly erotic. In ancient times this fruit was considered sacred and associated with fertility and love. Figs are also full of vitamins and taste delicious, so they are an indulging treat for all the senses in those special occasions.

4. Quail Eggs

Eggs are known for their almost magic powers; full of proteins, vitamins and what not to restore the mind and the body. These small eggs with dark spots are said to have this effects on the libido. Quail eggs boost the circulation system and the heart, helping males especially with sexual potency, plus they are cholesterol free. Serve them as hors d’oeuvres to test their magical powers.


3. Maca Root

This one is a hidden treasure. Native to the jungles of Peru and Bolivia, Maca Root has been called “nature’s Viagra.” It is well-known in Andean cultures for its ability to augment stamina and vitality, so you do the math! You can find it in supplements as vitamins, or in powders that have a nutty taste and can be added to shakes, smoothies, chocolate, and cooked into any food.


2. Anise

This naughty plant is used to enhance sexual desire in its every form. Its seed contains a form of female hormones, so in ancient times Romans and Greeks used to suck on it to ignite the spark of passion. In the Middle East it is given to newlyweds and to men that suffer from impotence. Anise seeds can used in jams, essences, savory dishes, and even some specialty drinks.




1. Chile Pepper

This fiery fruit is renowned for making dishes and people HOT in many cultures. They increase body temperature and heart rate, and yes… they make us blush! In addition, the red and green peppers are loaded with a substance named Capsaicin that stimulates the production of endorphins (the happy hormone) in the brain. So you feel happy, relaxed and all warm inside. No wonder spicy food is so addictive!


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  1. Irene Fernandez06.29.12

    Loved it! It´s gonna be a hot and steamy summer!!! ;)

    • VK07.02.12

      Irene, thrilled to hear you loved it! I agree… this is setting the tone for bringing up the heat this Summer! Thank you for your comment!

  2. flor troconis07.01.12

    Loving it already,
    running off to the spice market in Istanbul..hahaha.
    Thank you aways Vinna

    • VK07.02.12

      Lol Flor! I absolutely love the spice market in Istanbul! Enjoy! Let me know if you find anything interesting!
      Safe Travels!

  3. Benjamin Vilchez07.01.12

    Maca works really well! Highly recommended as a dietary supplement not only to enhance libido and sexual health functions but also to perform better in daily activities. I may say that an “orgia de mariscos” ceviche should be a must add to the list! hahaha
    Exitos pollita!

    • VK07.02.12

      Wow Benjamin! I’m glad to hear a first hand account! Thank you for sharing! I agree with you, ceviche is definitely an aphrodisiac and will be added to a future article.