5 ways to Avoid Killing your Travel Companion

Yeaah! Group trip or just the two of you! It’s only Wednesday and your trip is scheduled for Friday, but you are so excited about the trip that you can barely focus on your everyday tasks and daydreaming comes in… The destination, what you are going to do, what you will see, eat and drink… who you will meet.. mmm

Finally, the day has arrived, you are packed and ready for the adventure! The trip begins great but as the hours and days pass you start to become impatient with your companions slowness in getting ready, or how they got to your room and made a mess, or how ungrateful they can be, or ________ (insert your complaint here).

Let’s face it, even when you travel with family, the very people you grew up with, there are discussions/arguments.  Your friends -even if they are your very best friends-, have grown up differently, think and percieve things differently, so chances are there might be a rift here or there.


1. Select them well

Before you embark on a trip with someone make sure to remember that you will be with this person/ people many many hours daily so choose wisely.

2. Eat, drink, sleep and medicate properly

EAT: If I don’t eat when I’m hungry, the chances of getting irritated, are exponentially high, this is the case for many people, so make sure to eat and keep healthy snacks, like fruits and nuts, in your purses or pockets when hunger hits.

DRINK: Being dehydrated can not only leave you sluggish and moody, but up your chances of getting sick, since that is a major factor of a lower immune system, so make sure to hydrate with water (no, alcoholic beverages do not count, even if they come mixed with a fruity drink).

SLEEP: Sleep deprived people= no fun… get enough sleep, you, your body, and your travel companions, will be grateful.

MEDICATE: Make sure to bring your medications and vitamins, and take them if you have a hormonal or chemical imbalance, anxiety, whatever… just help yourself (responsibly).

3. Give yourselves breaks

You are so excited to be on this trip that you want to share every waking moment with your travel friends… this effect spikes in the beginning of the trip and will probably start to diminish as you realize that they are not always on the same wave length (A nicer way of saying you are annoyed by them).

To keep the happy thoughts going, GIVE IT a Break! You are not a piece of gum stuck to your friends hair… relax. Read a book, go to a cafe, take a nap, reorganize your suitcase… whatever it takes! This gives you all mental and much needed physical space… remember too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

4. Communicate

Communication is an obvious tool yet, oh too often people either underuse and internalize to avoid friction (in the end at some point exploding and making a worst deal than it should have been), or, they overuse this and communicate without thinking about the way they are saying what they feel, without empathy, or understanding, which once again, can lead to a worst case scenario.

If there is something you have to say, make sure to give yourself time, calm down, regroup and think about what is the least offensive way of communicating, but please do yourself a favor and speak up.

Remember : Stop arguing, Calm down, Re-group, Communicate.

5. Swallow your Pride and Apologize

Sometimes we are irritable, snappy, and judgmental… remember that you are on this trip to have a good time and learn something new (maybe), and that you have the whole rest of the trip with this companion to go. So it’s a matter of choice: would you like to have a fun time, or a trip filled with irritation and loose your time and money. If you choose a fun time, then there will be moments where it is important to put the ego aside and understand that it’s not about being right and wrong. Swallow the pride and apologize because as an adult you know that just like in any relationship, each person involved is responsible for something. Don’t feel like the argument/discussion was your fault say “I’m sorry I made you feel that way, that was not my intention.” Period. No But afterward, that will open the discussion again.

How have you dealt with a travel companion when you get in a heated discussion or moment? Comment below.

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Happy Travels!