5 Summer Travel Tips…all you’ll be left to worry is how your hair looks in the breeze

Let’s Get Going! Five Travel Tips for the summer!

Who doesn’t want to travel during the summer? Exotic beaches, glistening foreigners and fruity drinks rule the season. However, these months also bring an insane amount of people wanting to travel at the same time, super high hotel and flight fares and unpredictable weather.

What do we suggest?

5. Check! Check! Check!

In Spanish there is a saying “A prepared woman is worth two women.”

Check the weather for the week; unfortunately, summertime might bring storms and unbearable heat waves sometimes.

Check the exchange rate, you don’t want to be left asking the bellboy how much you should tip him.

Check the time difference. What time is it here? Huh? So, what time is it back home? You’ll know what time to call back home and how much beauty sleep you’ll need to recover from jet-lag.

4. More is more….

You are only going for a weekend when… bam! You run into your high school or some really hot new crush and he/she invites you to a pool party. You better be ready!

Pack bikinis, sweat pants and different types of shoes that can accommodate you for different situations. If you are on a culture trip with a girlfriend around Europe, take a pair of stilettos too; you never know what the night might bring! (Oh and extra undies incase you decide to extend your stay).

3. Research your friends.

When traveling someplace old or new its is always good to research the location for hip restaurants, upcoming events, etc.

Usually the locals know the best spots, research with your friends.
Find out who has been there, if anyone you know has lived there or if they
can set you up with someone that lives there that might want to show you
around or recommend a few places.

2. Save a buck or two

By checking lesser-know airlines and smaller airports. For example, when traveling to/from Miami you might want to check the price difference if instead of flying to/from Miami International Airport you fly to or from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Traveling to NY? Check for flights out of La Guardia Airport instead of JFK…

1. Bring your make-up and cosmetics with you!

Yes, safety regulations are tough on beauty regimes when you are traveling with a carry-on, but having your favorite shampoo and moisturizer is priceless. Plan by purchasing several of the travel versions of many brands found in pharmacies
everywhere. Not available? Buy small Tupperware containers in the supermarket or travel bottles and bring your tonic, hand lotion or anything else necessary for you survival (ok, not really…) anywhere you choose to go.

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Safe Travels!