2 Minute Hor d’oeuvres that won’t leave you feeling like this

Picturing a group of friends or loved ones gathered around, chatting it up, laughing, smiling, having an amazing time, is a pleasant thought.

But then you are struck with an array of anxieties… and many times you just brush it off with : “I don’t have time for that.”

Time, in this article is an issue… Check out these really easy 2 minute preparation finger foods, that will impress your guests and open anyones appetite.


Roll It Up

Buy puff pastry or phyllo dough at your market, cut into squares, place some anchovy fillets, stilon cheese, or sauteed mushrooms, roll it up and bake until golden.

Creamy Freshness

Hollow out cherry tomatoes and fill with mozzarella cheese (or Boccocini-bite sized mozzarella balls) fresh basil, blasamic vinegar, salt and pepper to your liking.

Really don’t have the time or patience to “hollow out” your tomatoes.. hey fuggetaboutit.. relax just slice them in half and toss them with your mozzarella. (I love to use bocconcini- bite sized mozzarella- to keep the the size consistency.)

Spread It

Buy some toasted croutons and spread some goat cheese and top with sliced roasted peppers or halved grapes (seedless).

Have a lil extra time? Make your own toast by thinly slicing fresh baguette, drizzling it with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and popping them into the oven until slightly golden. -Make sure to let the toast cool before you spread the cheese.

Going Nuts

Heat a pan on medium. Drop in almonds and let them cook evenly on both sides , making sure not to burn, for about 1 minute.. Remove from heat, right away drizzle some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and sprinkle with curry powder, ground coriander, cumin, salt and pepper.

For an sweet and salty mix add a bit of sugar.

Marinate It

Olives: Place olives with chopped garlic, parsely, chives and extra virgin olive oil in a bowl.

Feta: Buy 1 – 14 oz. package sheep’s milk feta, packed in brine, cut into squares, place in a bowl and add Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Oregano (1Tsp if dry or 1 Tbsp if fresh), a splash of Lemon or Red Wine Vinegar, and for a kick a Tsp of Dried Red Crushed Chili Peppers.


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Do you have any suggestions for quick Hor D’Oeuvres? Tell us below!