10 Uses for Vinegar Around the House

Vinegar is a not only for your salad dressing anymore! This inexpensive magic ingredient (I’m talking about the white distilled kind) can be used in every room of the house to fix a range of issues.

You would be surprised how great this secret ingredient is. You might ask yourself “Eww Vinegar? Won’t that leave a gross smell?” Don’t worry it won’t leave a weird smell… on the contrary, you will find out below that it actually will absorb odors.


10. Bathroom

    • Remove Mineral deposits from showerheads: 
      • In a resealable plastic bag, pour 1/2 Cup of warm vinegar and drop in the showerhead, so that the holes are all submerged, seal, and let sit for 1 hour. Rinse, wipe, and enjoy your refreshed showerhead.
    • Whiten Grout
      • Dip a “Hard” bristled toothbrush into a bowl with some vinegar and watch tough stains whiten.

9. Walls

    • Remove Wallpaper
      • Pour equal parts of vinegar and water into a bowl. Saturate wallpaper by using a  soaked sponge or a spray bottle and let stand for several minutes. Start scrapping to peel away.

8. Floors and Furniture

    • Wipe off polish or wax buildup
      • For wood surfaces and furniture: mix equal parts of vinegar and water. Remember to wipe in favor of the grain of the wood.
      • For Leather: Make a weaker solution by mixing 2 parts water for 1 part vinegar and rub in circular motion..

7. Kitchen

    • Clean Stainless Steel, Chrome, Glass, and Plastic
      • Refrigerator: Work double duty by cleaning and eliminating odors at the same time. Mix equal parts of vinegar with water and clean the grime on the shelves and walls of the refrigerator as well as eliminating spoiled-food smells.
      • Glass:  Use vinegar directly to will remove tough smudges on glass and make porcelain sinks shine.
      • Chrome and Floors: Make it into a paste with a little baking soda, or mix 1/3 white vinegar with 1/3 rubbing alcohol, 1/3 water, and 3 drops of dishwashing liquid for an economical floor cleaner. Just be sure not to get vinegar on marble, granite, or slate surfaces

6. Garden

    • Test your soil’s pH
      • In a small container, place a handful of soil and sprinkle vinegar on it. If it fizzes the soil is alkaline. Adjust your soil’s alkaline with an acid amendment.
    • Kill weeds
      • Forget pricey weed killers full of toxic ingredients and use your household vinegar to get rid of unruly and unwanted plants. You can also buy a stronger vinegar made for horticultural use, which is 25% acetic acid, which works even better.

5. Laundry

    • Soften fabrics, prevent lint and brighten fabrics
Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle.
      • Vinegar is also recommended in place of dryer sheets — simply add 3/4 cup to your washer during the final rinse cycle.
    • Remove underarm stains
Gross sweat stains can really ruin a beautiful blouse. If you use aluminum-based antiperspirants, these stains are more likely to appear, due to a reaction between aluminum compounds in these products and salts in your sweat. Spray full-strength white vinegar on the stain before washing, and it will disappear.

4. Tool Box

    • Dissolve Rust
      • Soak tools, bolts, and nuts in vinegar for a few days. Rinse with water and dry.

3. Odors

    • Freshen air
      • Get ride of smells like smoke, mildew, pet odor, burnt casseroles, and overall  unwelcoming smells by spritzing vinegar around the room or wiping surfaces. The acetic acid in vinegar absorbs odors, it will neutralize the smells.
    • Eliminate stale odors
      • No one likes the funny smells that lunchboxes and other food containers can take on. Wipe down the surface well with white vinegar or, in more severe cases, soak a cloth with vinegar and leave it in the container for a few hours to absorb the odors.

2. Flowers

    • Prolong Cut Flowers
      • Add 2 Tablespoons of vinegar to every quart of water used to fill a vase for your flowers.

1. Avoid paint from peeling

    • Before painting any concrete or galvanized metal make sure to wipe with a vinegar soaked sponge or lint-free cloth. This extra step will prolong your paint job’s life longer.


Good Luck!



  1. Flor04.02.12

    Dear Vinna, tañí Youtube so so much for telling us all The wonders Of Queen Vinager…

  2. Flor04.02.12

    Dear Vinna, thank you for your fabulous tip of the “Queen Vinegar”
    I will use them all.

    • VK04.02.12

      Thank you Flor for finding the tips fabulous and letting me know so! By the way, a friend of mine suggested to put a couple of drops of essential oil like lavender, lemon, or peppermint to add a nice scent.

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  4. Maria Irene Guerrero05.14.12

    I also clean my suede shoes, belts and purses with a cloth and some vinegar…. It makes them look like brand new!!
    Thanks for the great tips Vinna!! Amazing website! Congrats!

    • VK05.14.12

      Thank you Maria Irene! Great suggestions, I didn’t know you could clean your suede shoes with vinegar! I will definitely try it out!