10 Things to Double Check 30 mins before Guests Arrive

Note that the title says Double Check.. You might be rushing so it’s always best to look over these really important details before your guests arrive to your home.

1. Guest bathroom:

  • check to see if the toilet is clean
  • there is enough toilet paper (always place a new roll of toilet paper)
  • soap
  • clean hand towels or bathroom napkins
  • smells inviting (I always like to have a scented candle lit)


2. Bedroom(s)

  • no clothes thrown around
  • beds made
  • shoes in their place


3. Kitchen

  • You have the things you need at hand but placed neatly
  • clean up spills
  • throw away trash and hide containers (only if you think you might need them later for leftovers, if not, toss them)


4. Seating

  • is available and inviting


5. Drinks

  • being cooled
  • glasses are easily available


6.  Easy Bites

  •  Cheese plate and cold appetizers are out with plenty of napkins.


7. Floors

  • clean (no spills or trash)


8. Music

  • playing or ready to go


9. Candles

  • are lit


10. Personal

  • Hygiene  and makeup checked (You might need to refresh after running around)



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  1. Nithya03.07.12

    Good one..

    • VK03.20.12

      Thank you Nithya!

  2. Veronica03.07.12

    Vinna, this is a very useful list…last time I had guests for dinner, I forgot to lit up the candles before they arrived. I hate when that happens ;) Thanks for posting it.

    • VK03.20.12

      Horray! I’m glad to heard that you find the list useful! I agree with you, I hate when I forget to do something, like light the candles, and have to do it and take time away from the guest that have already arrived!

  3. flor troconis03.19.12

    Fabulous tips!! i will print it!! thank you Vinna.

    • VK03.20.12

      Thank you Flor!! They are definitely great to have as a check list!